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Sunset Marina provides itís customers with convenient dockside fueling. We provide out customers with the best non-ethanol fuel. Fueling is simple and easy at our marina, we also have all types of oil and lubrications needed to maintain your engine and keep it in excellent condition.

We strongly recommend using ethanol-free fuel in your marine engine. Ethanol or E-10 is ethyl alcohol, essentially 200-proof grain alcohol used as a motor fuel. It is mixed into unleaded gasoline and unless it is used up quickly, the ethyl alcohol evaporates and leaves water condensation. Before the alcohol even has time to evaporate, it can deteriorate rubber and plastic internal engine components. Once the alcohol has evaporated the water that is left behind in the fuel can cause scorching and pitting in the engine cylinders and pistons. The cost of engine repair would far exceed the cost of filling up with ethanol-free gas. We presently carry premium 89 octane fuel.








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